Winter Doldrums

6076532_01bebb5fee_zSpring cannot get here soon enough. It isn’t the worst winter we’ve had; compared to last year, it’s downright mild. But it has been a cold January and February. Hence, the garage has been too cold to brew in. Yes, the propane burners make it tolerable, but getting to that point is pretty bad.

I prefer being able to keep the garage doors open while I brew, or even move the show outdoors. There’s nothing like the feeling of brewing on a nice sunny day wearing street clothes, sans coat. Moving about with a thick outer coat on is an accident waiting to happen. I am waiting to stand near the boil kettle and start smelling charring wool. I’ve heard it can happen. (My summer grilling experience isn’t complete until I’ve singed all the hair off my arms)

Soon, real soon. The weather will break, and so will my budget as I ramp up production. I have upgraded to a Keggle setup so it’s 12 gallons at a time from now on. I plan to bottle a good deal of it, and keg some as well.

One good thing about wintertime, it gives you time to plan. I have several new recipes I’d like to brew and can’t wait.

Soon, real soon now…..