Brewday Preppers

The weather out here has been frightful, the fire, so delightful.

Okay, I know, wrong season, but hey, it’s really more of a winter song than a holiday song.  And with it snowing every two or three days, it has been a downright pitiful January and February for homebrewers in the Northeast. The only positive note is…At least it’s not Boston. (Sorry guys, but you may not see the driveway for quite a while)

So in the meantime, I’ve been prepping. Not Doomsday Prepping, Brewday Prepping! I have been pouring over recipes, ordering sanitizer, bottle brushes, tinkering with equipment. In short, going crazy. I pity my wife. If there’s a stretch of days where the weather is over 40, she may not see me again unless she wanders into the garage. (And don’t get between me and the brew kettles)

So I wait, and tinker, and read. Soon, real soon now……