Life and Brewing

Life & Brewing

Nagasaki Kolsch

Heritage series beer. Traditional German Kolsch with Ginger and honey elements.

“Life is what happens when you were busy making other plans….” – John Lennon

I have tried to brew at least twice a month regardless of whatever else goes on. I have managed to maintain that level, with the occasional third monthly brew thrown in for the entire winter and spring.. But, doing that, working a full time job and being a first time Grandparent has taken it’s toll some of my activities.

I have managed to brew my scheduled number of brews per month, but have been less creative than usual. I did a 12 gallon batch of my Nagasaki Kolsch, which turned out fantastic. It’s destined to be a regular at the brew pub when it opens. I did a 12 gallon batch so half went into the keg and half into bottles. I’ve decided that brews I am experimenting with go five gallons, brews I’m comfortable with go for the maximum. It’s nice having 12 gallons of a beer. It seems that five gallons goes way to fast if it’s a tasty brew.


My latest porter. It may become the base for a Russian-Cuban Heritage beer. I’m thinking mango?

I’m planning to work on more of my heritage series. I still have Russia, Cuba, Turkey and Austria to go. I am imagining a dark beer, maybe a stout with tropical fruit flavors, guava or mango perhaps. It would be in honor of My father-in-law, Jack, who started in Russia/Poland and grew up in Cuba.

Not sure what beers they have in Turkey, but I’ll keep trying.

For now, I’ll keep brewing every other week until I run out of room. Relax…Have a homebrew.

In fermentum veritas!