Summertime Brewing

Brewing ia a labor of love. it takes a lot of work to get 5 gallons of homebrew, and lots more to get 12 gallons. trying to scale up to nano levels. I have a half barrel system and am getting used to brewing more than homebrewer amounts. I want to be able to brew 15 gallons at a clip to be able to supply the brewpub with sufficient beer for customers. (I know I’m going to get a lot of rebuttal about running such a small system but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.)

I have many good recipes and many more good ideas. What I need is more time and more money to make this dream a reality. i may even have a location, karma willing. I guess if everything goes well, I could be open by spring, 2016. I really can’t wait. I need a change and this could be it. Right now. I’m brewing an American Ale. Haven’t decided on a name for the brew, but it’s the second batch and the first turned out great.  I’m thinking something local, maybe named after Bensalem, as that’s the likely location of Lightningstone Brewery. Bensalem Amber Ale? I’ll let you know.