More Money For Your Craft Beer in PA

Tax on Beer

Taxes on Craft Beer Rise in PA June 2019.

In the never-ending story of how to raise money without raising taxes, the PA general assembly figured it would be a good idea to apply sales tax to your craft beer. Originally slated to start January 1st, it was pushed back to June at the request of the brewers. Look to more push-back from the brewing industry…

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  1. As it was when Molson-Coors acquired Creemore Springs, this is the promise of the Big Beer acquisition: sit back, relax, take our money. Nothing will change, you’ll maintain control, and we’re just here to help. However, true control, while it can be contractually negotiated for a time, always rests with ownership. And if the deal is as it was reported – a 100 percent acquisition of Platform – then those guarantees can only take its founders so far.

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