Nine beers many Americans no longer drink

Budweiser_BeerNine beers many Americans no longer drink.

An interesting article. I had always been told that when times get tough, people drink more. What happened to beer drinkers that caused declines in sales of nearly 70% in some brands? My take is twofold.

First, a general move away from light beers. The low calorie has peaked and now people are looking for beer that has a better taste then carbonated water wit a pinch of alcohol. Flavor became important again.

Second, and, I believe, the most important, is that the great majority of the brews listed are now foreign owned. What was Anheuser-Busch thinking when they sold out to InBev? Bud drinkers are regular Joes, drinking Bud while watching their favorite football team. American beers for American fans. Tell them that their standard brew is not an import benefiting Belgium and that doesn’t sit well with Joe Sixpack.  Want proof? Sales of Yuengling have grown steadily at the same time major brands are shrinking. Sales of craft beer have been similarly rising. Yes, the recession of 2008 put pressure on all sales in the US, but the craft beer market didn’t decline, is just slowed a bit.

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