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Pepper Porter*

Dark, rich Porter with a definite presence of Jalapeño pepper. Silky smooth mouth feel with a touch of heat, just a touch. I bottled this one so it would be available for take out. The rich, hearty beer will go excellent with any spicy rich food.  I would pair this food with any Mexican food, most Indian dishes, and, definitely, American Barbeque. Strong food, needs a strong beer to support it. This beer will definitely be a seasonal beer at the pub when it opens. ABV ~8.5%.

Pepper Porter 2.0*

Revision 2 of this great tasting beer. I wanted a bit more heat that the first version so I upped the ante a bit. Doubled the jalapeño count and left a few with seeds. Noticeable heat, mostly on the back end. Much more favorable. My new favorite dinner beer.  ABV ~8.5%.

Oatmeal Stout

This beer is rich, with deep dark color. Smooth mouth feel, with a touch of hoppy bitterness. It’s everything a stout should be. Also a candidate for a tap at the pub. ABV ~7-7.5%.

English Pale Ale*

A true session ale. ABV is in the 4-4.5% range. Minimal hoppiness for those that like, but not necessarily love hops. Malty with a frothy head, this baby is a definite for tap space at the pub. This one is a year round candidate.

Belgian Saison*

Hearty flavor, fruity background notes, medium hoppiness. This is an excellent summer beer. I picture mowing the lawn, and having a couple of these afterwards. ABV-6.5%.

Raspberry Mocha Stout

Greeted by a fragrance of raspberries, this hearty, full bodied stout has coffee and chocolate tones. Definitely not a light beer, this brew is for sipping by a fire, relaxing after a long day on the slopes, or just watching the snow fall. It will bring a warmth to your heart with an ABV of 9%.

Nagasaki Kolsch*

Part of my Heritage Series. This beer blends the style of a kolsch, a traditional German beer with the Japanese elements of honey & ginger. With an ABV of 4.5%, this is a completely refreshing beer that you can enjoy all afternoon.

Apricot Wheat

Fruity, sour, crisp and very refreshing. This is an excellent summer beer. One sip and you’ll be hooked. 4.0% ABV means you’ll be able to sip more refreshing beer without hurting your ability to finish those lawn projects.

Kentucky Common*

One of the two recognized classic American beer styles (the other being steam beer). This beer is meant to be consumed fresh, rather than go through any aging. Quite tasty and refreshing. Definitely sessionable. ABV 5.5%.

Bourbon Black Cherry*

Sessionable traditional American Ale with Bourbon and Cherry. This is a great beer, perfect for the game or just kicking back and relaxing..  ABV ~5.0%.

Dubbel Trubbel

My first attempt at a dubbel. Tasty with all the attributes of a traditional dubbel. Spicy and malty. ABV 6.0%.


Burton Ale   Dubbel Trubbel  Porter  Nagasaki Kolsch


*destined to become a regular on tap. The others will most likely be rotators, meaning they will appear either seasonally, or when demand calls for it.

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  1. Thrilled with my two six packs in two weeks! The Raspberry Mocha Stout is the showstopper of the bunch, but definitely enjoyed the pale ale on draft today.

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