12 Best Beers

The 12 Best Beers

Charlie Blitzstein, Brewer

According to the website Paste, these are the 12 best beers;

Great Notion Brewing Ripe IPA
Offshoot Beer Co. Relax [It’s Just a Hazy IPA]
Sweetwater 420 Strain: G13
Burial Beer Co. Shadowclock Pilsner
Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. Industry Pils
Drake’s Hopocalypse Triple IPA
Fieldwork Brewing Co. Painted Gold
Monday Night Brewing Han Brolo
Fremont Brewing Co. Stone Squirrel
Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
Brew Gentlemen III
Fremont Brewing Co Batch 1,000

Forget that some of these probably have limited distribution so that the only way you’ll get to taste one is to go on a road trip. But don’t forget that “the Best” is a highly subjective standard. Telling me that Drake’s Hopocalypse Triple IPA is the best IPA when I gag from to hoppy a beer makes me wonder. Tell me that it’s a great example of a Triple IPA and let me decide for myself. It wouldn’t make my top 500 list, not a super hoppy beer fan.

But, articles like these are useful in bringing to the forefront beers I might otherwise never notice. So, given that, what are your must-have brews?