Festina Peche

imageOne of my favorite Dogfiish Head brews. Crisp, sour notes and savory. Love this beer. I was not a lover of sour beers but after brewing an apricot wheat beer, I decided that they weren’t so bad. After finishing the batch, sharing the brew with friends and family, I grew to appreciate them. There’s another apricot wheat in the works real soon…

And probably, a peach sour beer as well.



Heading off to Milton, Delaware then Rehobeth to pay homage to the granddaddy of breweries and brewpubs, Dogfish Head. Actually, taking my son, Josh for a guy’s weekend/bachelor party. Accompanying are Brother Jordan, Cousin Alex, and future Brother-in-law Austin.

I’m dying to try some great brews and food.   DFH has been an idol of mine for a while as they set the standard for innovative beers. Their Festina Peche is absolutely to die for.

I will be writing about the brews we sample and what we see.

Later people.