Brew Weekend

What a beautiful Fall weekend it was. Attended a family function on Saturday and then made it a brew day on Sunday. Tried a new brew, a variation on a theme. We’re going to call it Nosy Pepper. When it’s finally in production, you’ll understand why. It’s a porter, and contains a healthy dose of Jalapeño peppers, which I grew in my garden this year. I’ll let you know how it comes out when it’s out of the fermenter and into bottles. I hope to try my hand at a number of brew styles that incorporate local ingredients as well as ingredients that I grow.

On the drawing board are some brews that are in honor of my family heritage. I’m developing beers to honor my Grandmother (German from the Alsace-Lorraine region) and Grandfather (Japanese,  from the Nagasaki region), Father (Austrian  Turkish among other things), Father-in-Law (Polish, Russian, and Cuban) as well as some others. I hope to have food to match the regions as well….


PS – Wow, this is a big beer. OG came in at 1.092. Two days into fermentation, the High Krausen overflowed and caused a bit of a mess around the fermenter. Luckily, that doesn’t affect the beer. Can’t wait to try this one. The estimated ABV is around 10.2!

Update – One of the tastiest beers I’ve brewed to date. Heavy bouquet of peppers emanates from the glass. Distinctive  pepper notes in the beer with just a hint of heat. The beer goes great with Mexican, Indian, ribs, or any strong, spicy food. And it keeps getting better with age…

Hello world!

NCI_Visuals_Food_BeerMost places wait until they open before they start a website. I’ve never been most people so I decided that my brew pub would also be different. We aren’t open yet, but will be in a couple years. Yes, a couple years. My target opening date is Summer 2016.

Why a web site? Why not? This web site will chronicle all the trials and tribulations I encounter in starting this journey. I will share all of my thoughts and efforts in getting from nowhere to a functioning, operational brew pub.

Right now, I am doing my research. Reading everything I can get my hands on that relates to starting a nano-brewery.I read Sam Calagione’s book, “Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Beer from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery,” and two by Dan Woodske, “A Brewer’s Guide to Opening a Nano Brewery: Your $10,000 Brewery Consultant for $15, Vol. 1, ” and “Nanobrewery U.S.A.: A Chronicle of America’s Nanobrewery Beer Phenomena.” If you are contemplating anything similar, I urge you to start here.

I plan to start off with a half-barrel system. Yes, it’s undersized, but it’s the most I can afford and the minimum practical size to do this type of venture. I’ve been working up a brew list and have several tasty candidates so far.

I’m also working out a menu. I’m quite the gastronomical artist so I have some favorites I plan to offer. If any of you have been fortunate enough to have Charlie’s Chicken, you know what I’m talking about. I make the world’s best chicken, just ask my kids. Sticky, sweet with some heat. Falling of the bone good. I make my own BBQ sauces and rubs, so the pulled pork is also to die for. Working on some other “must haves” for the pub as well.

Stay tuned….


PS. You can reach me at