Big brew week

Big Week

Have been busy this week. Brewed a second batch of the English Pale Ale for home consumption last Sunday. Tuesday, brewed Josh’s Wedding brew, to serve at his reception. It’s a Honey Ginger Kolsch. A perfect marriage of Eastern European and Japanese flavors. Can’t wait have Josh and Mirela try it and see the looks on their faces. Looks like a surefire winner.

Today I’ll transfer the Pale Ale to the secondary and a little after the Honey Ginger Kolsch stops bubbling away, I’ll transfer that to the secondary.

Met with the Riverside Brew Club last Monday. We’re planning on entering a lot of competitions this year. The guys seem to like my Raspberry Mocha Stout and want me to enter it around. Think I will. It’s a good beer, rich and hearty.

This week, I uncapped a bottle of my Pepper Porter. I know, it’s early, only a week in the bottle. Deep rich color, silky mouth feel, and a subtle but insistent presence of peppers. Still a bit under-carbonated, but that will pick up in a week or two. It’s a beer that will only improve with age.

Pepper beer would go great with any spicy food; Mexican, Indian or even American Barbeque.

Wow, that was fast

The English Pale Ale was by far, the easiest brew to drink. Malty, refreshing, and moderate Alcohol, this was a true session brew. It lasted about two weeks before the keg kicked. I have already purchased the ingredients and scheduling a brew date to make a new batch ASAP.

Also making a German Kolsch that contains some Japanese elements. I’m researching some ingredients to see what might work best. It’s one of my Heritage beers. It’s a beer celebrating my son Josh’s impending nuptials. My grandfather was from Japan so I’d like to honor that heritage using something native to Japan. Josh’s almost-wife is from Eastern Europe so the Kolsch/Japanese brew seemed like a natural. Not looking to make a saki, as it’s not my favorite drink. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of using seaweed instead of hops. We’ll see.

Stay tuned….

Brew Weekend

What a beautiful Fall weekend it was. Attended a family function on Saturday and then made it a brew day on Sunday. Tried a new brew, a variation on a theme. We’re going to call it Nosy Pepper. When it’s finally in production, you’ll understand why. It’s a porter, and contains a healthy dose of Jalapeño peppers, which I grew in my garden this year. I’ll let you know how it comes out when it’s out of the fermenter and into bottles. I hope to try my hand at a number of brew styles that incorporate local ingredients as well as ingredients that I grow.

On the drawing board are some brews that are in honor of my family heritage. I’m developing beers to honor my Grandmother (German from the Alsace-Lorraine region) and Grandfather (Japanese,  from the Nagasaki region), Father (Austrian  Turkish among other things), Father-in-Law (Polish, Russian, and Cuban) as well as some others. I hope to have food to match the regions as well….


PS – Wow, this is a big beer. OG came in at 1.092. Two days into fermentation, the High Krausen overflowed and caused a bit of a mess around the fermenter. Luckily, that doesn’t affect the beer. Can’t wait to try this one. The estimated ABV is around 10.2!

Update – One of the tastiest beers I’ve brewed to date. Heavy bouquet of peppers emanates from the glass. Distinctive  pepper notes in the beer with just a hint of heat. The beer goes great with Mexican, Indian, ribs, or any strong, spicy food. And it keeps getting better with age…