Wow, that was fast

The English Pale Ale was by far, the easiest brew to drink. Malty, refreshing, and moderate Alcohol, this was a true session brew. It lasted about two weeks before the keg kicked. I have already purchased the ingredients and scheduling a brew date to make a new batch ASAP.

Also making a German Kolsch that contains some Japanese elements. I’m researching some ingredients to see what might work best. It’s one of my Heritage beers. It’s a beer celebrating my son Josh’s impending nuptials. My grandfather was from Japan so I’d like to honor that heritage using something native to Japan. Josh’s almost-wife is from Eastern Europe so the Kolsch/Japanese brew seemed like a natural. Not looking to make a saki, as it’s not my favorite drink. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of using seaweed instead of hops. We’ll see.

Stay tuned….