Best Craft Beers – Consumer Reports

Was_soll_ich_werden_34You know you’ve arrived if you’re finally being rated in Consumer Reports

Best Craft Beers – Consumer Reports.

Until now, craft beer has enjoyed modest publicity, being reviewed in mostly beer oriented publications and local media. Yes, we’ve had the occasional national article. Being rated by Consumer Reports kicks it up to a whole new level. It means we matter.

Interestingly, CR defines craft beer as beer that is produced by “small, independent, and traditional” brewers and “produces at most 6 million barrels of beer a year.” Six million barrels? I think it’s time we come up with a new definition of craft beer. I like the “small and independent” but “traditional”? I would hardly call Sam Calagione “traditional.” Let’s go with innovative. Six million barrels? Maybe in the case of Dogfish Head, but I doubt Neshaminy Creek Brewing, a Great American Beer Festival 2013 Gold Medal winner for their Churchville Lager, produces six million barrels. BeerTrotter, a website that reviews GABF winners, has Neshaminy Creek at “…around 1,100 barrels brewed in 2012, the building may be churning out as many as 7,000 barrels within a few years.”

I have some issues with the article. Shock Top being listed as a CR Best Buy? It’s inclusion as a craft beer is appalling, but that’s what you get when you define a craft as under six million barrels production. Most craft beer snobs sneer at their inclusion. To their credit, CR includes a statement that they  “…included craft beers that market themselves as such.” That explains a lot, but made me wrinkle my brow a bit. I think they should have refined their definition a bit before undertaking this type of review.

So what makes a craft beer? I think I’m going to go with a paraphrase of Justice Potter Stewart’s quote on pornography, “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [“Craft beer”], and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it.”

What is your definition of a craft beer?

Man turns to beer to fend off attack in Dorchester | Boston Herald

Man turns to beer to fend off attack in Dorchester | Boston Herald.

I think that every one of these here fifty United States of ‘merica need to pass, immediately, a Stand Your Brew law. Who knew that you didn’t need to brandish a firearm to defend yourself?

Seriously, beer gets maligned far to often. Here’s to a positive aspect of beer drinking. Now you can say, conclusively, that beer saved your life. And have data to back it up.

Tower Bridge Official ‘Gutted’ After Beer Bottle Shatters New Glass Walkway

Tweet PGordonTower Bridge Official ‘Gutted’ After Beer Bottle Shatters New Glass Walkway.

Come on people! Never, ever drop your beer! I know, you’re walking along and having a sip or two. You look down and the view is awesome. But hang on to that brew! I can only imagine the thought the poor sap who dropped the beer had when he saw the glass under his feet crackle and hiss. Looooong way down!