Joe Cocker – Dead at 70

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker, Dead at 70.

RIP – Joe Cocker.

One of the formative musicians of my era has left us. My heart is heavy. Joe Cocker was, and is one of my favorite artists. His rendition of “The Letter” and “Unchain My Heart”

All I can think of is how to immortalize this talented man in a brew. I need to ponder this one a bit. I’m going to listen to his entire repertoire for inspiration. It’s the least I can do for such a talented man.

Any suggestions?

Why Lightningstone?

Why Lightningstone?I’ve had more than a few people ask why this name? It’s really simple. The family name is Blitzstein. If you plug the name into Google translate, using English to German, it gives you Blitz = Lightning, and stein = stone, hence Lightningstone.Just an FYI

On a separate note, looking for someone artistic to design a logo using the name. Some tasty beer awaits the person who comes up with a great idea….